Master of Arts
Interior and Spatial Design
Chelsea College of Arts
University of the Arts London
生活總是在前進,設計也是! 時間會讓我們從不同的角度看待空間,使我們每個人的核心價值被賦予在空間上,生活與藝術在任何空間都能和諧共存。 生活美學被認為是一種審美體驗,也是一種態度。 我們嘗試將有意義的生活體驗應用於空間設計以及互動,精心設計的空間不一定奢華,卻讓我們感受到生活的溫暖,享受更好的生活方式。
Life is always moving, and so is design! As time progresses on, we will see space from different perspectives. This will ensure that the core values of each of us can be reflected in every space, and life and art can coexist harmoniously. The aesthetics of life is defined as an aesthetic experience and attitude. We try to apply meaningful life experience to space design and interaction. A well-designed space is not necessarily luxurious, but makes us feel the warmth of life and enjoy a better way of life.
倫敦藝術大學, 室內空間設計 碩士
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